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Everything you need to know about spear phishing.

For a typical broad, large-scale phishing campaign, only about 4% of targeted users click on the email links. In comparison, at least 30% of spear phishing campaigns are deemed successful — some of which are only sent to 10 or fewer inboxes. Why is this?

The Ultimate Guide to Spear Phishing will cover everything you need to know about spear phishing, what it is, how it works, why it's successful, and how to prevent a spear phishing attack from compromising your organization.


Spear Phishing Ultimate Guide


Do you have questions about spear phishing?

We have answers. Here's a small sample of what you'll learn:

What is an MSSP?

What is spear phishing?

What makes it different than "regular" phishing? The simple answer is: the target. However, methodology and phishing tactics change between phishing and spear phishing campaigns as well. 


How serious is a spear phishing attack?

We cover a few examples of the true cost of a successful spear phishing attack, as well as a few top consequences your organization could face if you were to get hit by one of these attacks.


How does spear phishing work?

The stats are clear: broad "spray and pray" phishing may be the most common, but it's not the most successful. What makes spear phishing work (and pay off) so well?


Can these attacks be prevented?

Review expert tips to prevent, identify, and avoid these types of scams, as well as what cybersecurity solutions can help save you in the case of human error.