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Webinar On-Demand:
How to Protect Your Business from Cyber
Threats - Financial Impacts Every Business Needs to Consider Today


Cybersecurity is vital in this day and age but it's important to understand that there is no silver bullet. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated and the costs of security breaches climb, cyber insurance is helping to protect businesses from the financial impacts.

Yet, it is challenging to understand the coverage options, perform risk assessments, ensure compliance and design appropriate response plans.

Members of the Ascend Technologies and USI Insurance Services teams review strategies that will save your organization money and time and help you avoid common costly pitfalls. This webinar will cover:

  • Recent ransomware events and cyber activity
  • What cybersecurity insurance is, what it covers and how it works
  • Components of a strong cyber risk assessment, plan and technology requirements
  • How to avoid pitfalls, non-compliance and rejected insurance claims
  • How to develop your incident response plans
  • Next steps - 5 things you should do right now

Cyber Insurance Webinar


Meet Your Hosts:


Mike Manske


Mike Manske | VP, Cybersecurity
Ascend Technologies


Sean McGee | USI Insurance Services, LLC


Sean P. McGee | JD, VP, Commercial

Property & Casualty Advisor

USI Insurance Services, LLC